Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Top 10 papers in the world on Romenesko

Media: Bunch of people wrote in about their top 10 papers to read and we get an amusing Guardian reference.

From MICHAEL GOLDFARB: Do you mean top ten newspapers produced by Americans? Or top ten papers read by Americans including online? If it's the latter than you should include Britain's The Guardian. It has an enormous daily online readership in America. It is British but probably more than any newspaper in our shared language has found the right pitch to reach the globalized American citizen. I know that its various forums are often filled up with West Coast posters responding to the paper before the Brits have even awakened.I think you should consider it. It's a pretty sad comment that a top ten worthy of the name doesn't really get past the obvious first five: NYT,WP, WSJ, LAT and USAT.The Guardian makes it easier to fill out a round ten. [Permalink]
The nicknames the left gives themselves to have an air of superiority are just so damn cute. How cute? This sort of cute. The Guardian is great for the humor factor of the comment sections and their commentisfree blog. Article wise, it is written from a left to far-left point of view. The right pitch is to just be as goofy at time as some of the leftist publications in America. But the main reason I touched on this is the "globalized American citizen" title. Hysterical.

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