Saturday, November 18, 2006

UK school backs off Halal Christmas dinner

Christmas: Another politically correct nitwit who acted before she thought this out.

PARENTS expressed outrage last night over a school’s plans to serve pupils a Muslim Christmas dinner. The headteacher announced that she intended to replace the children’s traditional turkey meal with halal chicken. She explained that eating poultry which had been slaughtered in the Muslim way would create an “integrated Christmas”. But furious parents accused the school of undermining the Christian faith. They were backed by Labour MP Denis MacShane who demanded to know why the children were not being offered a choice. Mr MacShane said: “No child should be obliged to eat food that is contrary to their personal convictions or religion. Schools should offer a choice and not allow the joyous celebrations of a Christmas dinner to become a divisive issue. “I hope all the children can join in this fun and if I am invited I would be delighted to sit down with all the children for a Christmas dinner, halal, non halal or the healthy option, vegetarian.” After Mr MacShane’s intervention, Jan Charters, head of Oakwood School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, backed down and youngsters will now be offered a choice of halal chicken or a traditional turkey dinner, costing £1.75.
Abdul Dean, ethnic minorities officer for the Christian People’s Alliance, said: “There is a political agenda here. Who are these people speaking on behalf of Muslims? “Muslim parents themselves would not have objected to children being offered a choice. The teachers should have taken this on board especially in this time of tension.” Ms Charters said: “This was an attempt to extend the spirit of inclusion which would allow Muslim children to sit down and enjoy a meal together. “It is very frustrating that people find motives which are not present and we will not now be doing this.”
Outraged mother Rachel Johnson, from Kimberworth, said: “This is not a racial issue. Why can’t the non-Muslim kids enjoy traditional Christmas fare? “Why can’t we have a choice of chicken which suits everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims. “We bend over backwards at Eid (an Islamic festival) to eat traditional Muslim food so why should we have to change our Christmas tradition?” Mrs Johnson added: “I feel my culture is being stolen away from me. I have no objections to halal meat being on the menu so long as there is a choice of traditional Christian Christmas fare. “A lot of parents have been in touch to support my views. Our culture and religion are being trampled on and it is not right. It is almost as stupid as serving up pork on Eid.”

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