Sunday, December 24, 2006

About Keith Ellison and Goode's comments.

Politics: I am not going to rehash the whole thing, but Goode's remarks were over the top and all over the place. As for Ellison, I don't think he is going to turn into the American version of George Galloway and the Respect party pushing a Muslim first agenda. There are more than enough tripwires to call him out on such as will he be supporting John Conyer's HR 228 bill or how much he will involve himself with the flying imans along with CAIR. I did find it interesting he seemed to have kept quiet about the same airport that was thinking of giving special treatment to Somalia Muslim cab drivers refusing to carry passengers with alcohol based on sharia law. What people better focus on about Ellison is his far left views that he will try to push as he is a grad of the Paul Wellstone school of politics. That concerns me more than anything else.

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