Sunday, December 17, 2006

AP's Israel hating Diaa Hadid glosses over Hamas conditions

World: Amusing throwaway line at the end of this article about the clashes between Hamas and Fatah.

The Hamas government has drawn crushing international sanctions over its militantly anti-Israel stand, but has steadfastly refused to recognize Israel as demanded by the West.
Actually that is just one minor condition, the others being
Hamas is required to recognise Israel, renounce violence and abide by past peace agreements, under the conditions.
Just saying they are under sanctions for refusing to recognize Israel does not tell the whole story which is understandable for Hadid. She already points out she hates Israel and Jews which makes her the perfect unbiased reporter to cover this for the AP.
The intensity of Hadid’s involvement over the last nine months has had a strong impact on her views. When she first arrived in the Middle East, Hadid expressed a desire to make more Israeli friends. Now she has trouble separating the personal from the political. “I can’t look at Israelis anymore. I can’t separate your average Israeli citizen from the occupation, I don’t want to be friends with them, I don’t want to talk to them,” says Hadid.

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