Saturday, December 23, 2006

Checking in on Thailand's Islamist appeasement mission.

Terrorism: The military backed government started to grovel when they pulled the coup, so how is it going so far?

BANGKOK, Thailand – Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand have intensified their deadly attacks and imposed greater control over the local populace despite offers of peace and reconciliation by the country's military-backed government. Reversing the previous iron-fisted policy, which included death squad killings, the new regime has apologized for past misdeeds, offered to hold peace talks and even opened the way for Muslim-dominated provinces to apply some tenets of Islamic, or Shariah, law. In response, the separatist rebels have stepped up killings and recruitment, and there has been deeper infiltration into community life and silence on the peace talks overtures, analysts say. “The government deserves credit, but it's too little, too late. It's not working,” says Zachary Abuza, an American expert on Southeast Asia's Islamic insurgencies. “The insurgents want to show people that they will continue no matter who is in charge in Bangkok, that they can attack at will.”
Good job Thailand.

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