Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Democrats meeting with Hamas?

Politics: Sourcing is a bit off, but I can see Jimmy Carter and his cronies fit this description.

Khan Younis - Ma'an - The Europeans are softening their stance towards Hamas and the Palestinian government, a Palestinian governmental source have revealed. These sources say the EU's position is changing thanks to efforts taken by Hamas envoys in Europe to hold talks and explain their position and reasons for calling for the non-recognition of Israel. The source added that the Europeans have begun to deal with the idea of solving the conflict on the basis of a truce, as presented by Hamas, and not on the basis of "land for peace". The source also said that the most important countries which Hamas is holding a dialogue with are France and Britain. He clarified that these two countries asked Hamas to present a paper in which the movement explains its stance about the truce and its vision. This paper, explaining Hamas' vision for the future and its stance vis-à-vis the conflict with Israel, will be presented to the whole world. In the American arena, the source said that Hamas has made a great deal of progress after a meeting took place between a delegation from the Hamas movement and many American figures from the Democrat party in a third, unnamed country. The source stressed that the dialogue with the Europeans broke the ice, and the rigidity, of the European position in regard to Hamas. Hamas has persuaded them to accept the long-term truce without recognizing Israel, the source said. The source added that the dialogue with the European has allowed new ideas about Hamas to crystallize.

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