Saturday, December 09, 2006

Howard Dean and the socialist lovefest continues.

World: Howard Dean gets a warm welcome at the European Socialists Convention and demands closer ties to Europe and socialist parties. Dare I say the return of the global test?

OPORTO, Portugal (Reuters) - U.S. Democrats want to rebuild the United States' relationships with the rest of the world and treat allies with respect, party chairman Howard Dean told European socialist leaders on Friday. Many European governments have been angered by Republican President George W. Bush's war in Iraq and what is regarded as his failure to work with allies in international affairs. "It is time for the United States to renew our relationships around the world," Dean said, triggering applause. "It is time we treat our allies with respect and honesty. "The Democratic Party is committed to consensus-building, bilateral and multilateral relationships." The U.S. should start to work with Europe to tackle global warming, defend human rights and adopt a multilateral approach to the conflict in Iraq, Dean said. European leftist leaders, gathered at a conference of the Party of European Socialists, have taken heart from the Democrats' victory in last month's U.S. Congressional elections.
America is once again to be the lapdog of the world. As Thatcher once said "Consensus is the absence of Leadership." In this case Dean and the Democrats would be happen to follow.

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