Friday, December 01, 2006

Ken Livingstone's definition of Multiculturalism.

UK: It shows this man is a complete idiot.

"....Multiculturalism has nothing to do with an assertion that there are no universal values. The very statement that people should only be able to do such things that do not interfere with others is clearly an assertion of a universal value. In so far as they do not interfere with others, people should be able to chose freely which values they wish to pursue. A person, for example, may wish to wear a yarmulke, a turban or a hijab or none; they are free to chose. What is prohibited under this basic liberal tenet is one group or person living their lives by imposing their will on others. The endorsement by Christian churches of the slave trade was a barbaric infringement of the rights of others. Female genital mutilation is also another such imposed act of violence, and equally should not be tolerated. Multiculturalism asserts the right of a person to live their life as they wish, including culturally. If they wish to live in classically "English" style, then this is fine. But it is also fine if they want to lead a more Indian lifestyle, or a more Jamaican one, or if they wish to organise their life more around the ideas of Buddhism or Judaism. This is the basic principle of multiculturalism. "
You can't have every culture come in and put it on equal ground with the dominant culture or even each other. Every culture has its positive and negatives that can hurt or be helpful in every country. Who decides which aspect of an incoming culture is given approval? How much of sharia or Indian or Jamaican values is acceptable? That is why people argue for the dominant culture values to be used as a measuring stick and the incoming culture then adapts as much as it can to it. The reason for so much friction is the incoming cultures are given as much latitude as possible by cultural elites as Livingstone and the dominant culture must back down. All of this will lead to seperate cultures/areas/groups who "tolerate" one another. THis is the same sort of thinking the Dutch had until a couple of years ago when they realized it brought an extremist danger to their country. The same thing is being done in the UK with serious consequences such as the London bombings.

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