Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nick Coleman whining about Red Star-Tribune being sold.

Media: Amusing bitter rant.

Mercifully, Mr. McClatchy passed away in May and did not live to see the Sacramento-based company that bore his name disgrace his legacy by dumping its largest newspaper -- the most important one between Chicago and the West Coast, the one that serves 5 million Minnesotans and that can be a conscience, a scold, a cheerleader and an interpreter of life on the tundra.
The interpreter always seemed to fall on the left and protected those like Keith Ellison who had questions that the conscience of the tundra if it were a fair and objective newspaper would have answered instead of scolding those who did ask the questions about the person you became a cheerleader for during the elections. Considering McClatchy sold the Red Star at a major loss. The question you should be asking is why has the value of this paper gone down so much perception and circulation wise that they saw you as a drag on the company.

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