Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Open border sheriff and commissioner in Minnesota?

Crime: Who is pressuring who or are they both supporters of illegal immigration and not working with the feds on anything related to immigration?

The Ramsey County jail is imposing a moratorium on accepting undocumented immigrant prisoners from the federal government, Sheriff Bob Fletcher said today. The move comes as the Ramsey County Board considers a policy that would potentially prohibit Fletcher and the jail from taking any more prisoners who are undocumented immigrants. The proposal from Commissioner Rafael Ortega comes after recent raids that left hundreds of alleged illegal immigrants confined in Minnesota jails awaiting immigration deportation hearings.
Ortega wants to end the practice of accepting federal detainees seized in raids by immigration officials. Canceling the federal contracts could cost the county about $1.7 million per year, said Fletcher, who supports Ortega's plan. "It's a small statement Commissioner Ortega is making, but probably an important one," Fletcher said Monday. Said Ortega: "I want to open up the discussion. What I'm trying to tell the federal government is that we as a county are not participating in a broken system."
Yep, both illegal alien supporters.

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