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Illegal Aliens demanding rights part 349292

Nation: Some of these student walkouts are giving us quotes that show a lack of understanding on what illegal means to them. El Paso:

"I am doing this for my dad," said Jesus Maldonado, a freshman at Canutillo High School. "He was born in Mexico but he was raised in Houston. If this bill passes, he'll be sent back. It's not right because all these years he has been giving to this government, working here and paying taxes."
Okay, just paying sales tax on something doesn't really give you the right to be here. Everyone pays sales taxes and various other taxes, you are not going to get a cookie for it.
A march from the Canutillo campus to Franklin High School began at 8:30 a.m. after students passed out fliers calling for a walkout in solidarity with other high schools that were protesting H.R. 4437. The bill would make living as an undocumented immigrant in the United States a felony and calls for the construction of a 700-mile border wall. Once at Franklin High School, Canutillo students were disappointed that protesters from the campus did not join them. Students at Franklin said administrators kept them in class so that they would not meet up with the marchers. As students marched down Resler and along Mesa waving a Mexican flag, they were called losers and told to "go back to Mexico" by some passers-by. Other people drove by with large American flags or stood on street corners with smaller U.S. flags. "We respect their right to protest because that's what we are doing," said Eliezer Pasillas, a senior at Canutillo High School. "I am holding the Mexican flag because it means a lot to us and shows our heritage. We don't have a problem with people holding up the American flag. What bothers us is when they ridicule us and try to make us feel worthless."
Why thank you for letting people in the United States of America know you have no problem with them flying the American flag and respecting their right to protest illegal aliens demanding rights they have no right too.
When a business owner and his employees stood outside of their Resler Drive offices holding an American flag, a few students began to throw water bottles and rocks until they were urged to stop by police and classmates, including Pasillas. "I heard a loud ruckus outside of my business, and when I peered out the front door, I saw a mob of kids who were chanting 'Viva Mexico!' I personally find that offensive," said Dean Balmer, owner of Dean Balmer Insurance. "I don't have a problem with immigration -- I don't even have a view on the issue -- but I am a proud American so I went outside and held out the American flag."
No respect and no class. Kansas:
TOPEKA - At least 100 high school students circled the Capitol with Mexican and American flags this morning protesting federal proposals that could deport their parents. "We just want to be heard," 15-year-old Oscar Martinez said holding a Mexican flag with two other students from Topeka's Highland Park High School. "It's our future what they decide on," Ashley Ortiz, a 17-year-old, said. The students, most of whom said their families are here illegally, gathered on the Capitol steps shouting "We want rights."
You have the right to go back to your country of origin and apply for a green card like you are supposed to do, other than that because you are an illegal alien, you don't have all the rights given to citizens and legal residents. Its a shocking concept, but bear with us on it. Illegals want tuition breaks in New Jersey.
TRENTON – As the U.S. Senate continued debates on how to handle the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, more than 100 people rallied outside the State House on Thursday to demand that undocumented students be allowed to pay in-state college tuition rates. The protesters, mainly Latino college students and undocumented immigrants from around the state, expressed frustration over a bill in the Education Committee of the state Senate that has languished since 2003. The bill would allow illegal immigrant students to pay in-state tuition rates. A similar legislative proposal, known as the DREAM Act, is pending at the federal level. "It's not my fault that I am here, it was not my decision to come here," said Evelyn Gonzalez, a high school senior whose family came illegally from El Salvador. "My life is here in New Jersey." Standing at a podium outside the State House, Gonzalez said to cheers: "My friends, my family, my education and my future are all here, and I feel like there is nothing worse for me than not being able to go to college because I am part of this culture now." Sen. Ronald Rice, D-Essex, told the crowd that he found little logic in public policy that deems it crucial that all children, regardless of immigration status, receive an education, but that then makes it difficult for undocumented students to continue studying after high school. "We all pay for that public education to develop those minds," Rice said. "The only world they know is this country. Yet when the time comes to go to college, they're treated [differently]." Linden resident Ron Bass thinks students like Gonzalez should be treated differently from students who live here legally. Bass, founder of United Patriots of America, a group that favors strict immigration enforcement, said: "She and her family should be deported. They shouldn't be here. They broke our laws." The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act forbade states from granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants based on residency because those students would be paying less than out-of-state U.S. citizens.
Amazing, how about they leave, get a student visa and come back to get educated? The fact people think this is a good idea will continue to make illegals come in bigger numbers than before because they realize they can get away with it. But states like Nebraska will let them get away with it.
The children of illegal aliens would be allowed to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities under a bill given first-round approval Wednesday night by the Legislature. Governor Dave Heineman previously indicated he was likely to veto the bill if it reached his desk. His veto would be brushed aside, however, if 30 lawmakers voted for an override. The bill passed with exactly 30 votes. Senator Adrian Smith of Gering, a candidate for the GOP congressional nomination in the 3rd District, said the bill “encourages illegal immigration and undermines federal immigration policy.” Proponents of the measure said it would encourage young immigrants to obtain citizenship, and to stay in Nebraska and contribute to the economy. Nebraska would be the tenth state to adopt such a law. To qualify for in-state tuition the students would have to live in Nebraska for at least three years, graduate from a Nebraska high school or obtain a GED, and sign affidavits swearing they would apply to be permanent legal residents of the U.S.
Everything is alright, they get to "swear" they might apply for legal resident. If we are going that route, how about they show proof first they applied for legal residency? Too much sense?


I knew McKinney would play the race card.

Politics: Via Michelle Malkin site who has the video.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, said Friday a Capitol police officer started the incident by "inappropriately touching and stopping" her after she walked past a security checkpoint. McKinney, speaking at a news conference, declared she will be exonerated. "Let me be clear. This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female black congresswoman," McKinney said, surrounded by supporters at predominantly black Howard University. McKinney, a Democrat, declined to discuss the incident further since she still may be charged for apparently striking the officer after she entered a House office building this week unrecognized and did not stop when asked. Two law enforcement officials said it was unlikely a warrant would be issued this week. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. Her lawyer, James W. Myart Jr., said, "Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, like thousands of average Americans across this country, is, too, a victim of the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials because of how she looks and the color of her skin." "Ms. McKinney is just a victim of being in Congress while black," Myart said. "Congresswoman McKinney will be exonerated."


Some student punished for upside down flag stunt.

Nation: The school officials probably gave him a pat on the back.

PICO RIVERA - A student protest that resulted in a Mexican flag being flown on top of an upside-down U.S. flag at a local school has prompted disciplinary action against one El Rancho High School student. El Rancho Unified School District officials said the unnamed student was punished for being involved in the flag incident, which took place Monday at Montebello High School, about four miles east of El Rancho High School. The punishment was consistent with the California Education Code, officials said. They did not give further details because of legal and privacy issues. But Montebello Unified School District administrators said they were glad the neighboring district investigated the incident and took the proper action. "We appreciate the diligence that \ district has taken in identifying the student who allegedly committed the infraction with the flagpole incident," said Assistant Superintendent Robert G. Henke. Monday's image of the Montebello High flagpole sparked an uproar locally and across the nation after it was posted on various Web sites and featured in East Coast newspapers and national broadcast media. The incident took place about noon Monday, when a group of about 1,000 students from the El Rancho and Whittier Union High school districts marched through Pico Rivera to Montebello High.
No class, No respect.


"Digital Divide" gap closes due to market forces.

Nation: I always wondered about the whole gap argument because it is simple reasoning that in the beginning those that can afford a product/service will use it first, the product/service gets more popular, easier to make, cheaper to sell the customer base will get bigger. That is what happened with the computer and the use of the internet.

African-Americans are steadily gaining access to and ease with the Internet, signaling a remarkable closing of the "digital divide" that many experts had worried would be a crippling disadvantage in achieving success. Civil rights leaders, educators and national policy makers warned for years that the Internet was bypassing blacks and some Hispanics as whites and Asian-Americans were rapidly increasing their use of it. But the falling price of laptops, more computers in public schools and libraries and the newest generation of cellphones and hand-held devices that connect to the Internet have all contributed to closing the divide, Internet experts say. Another powerful influence in attracting blacks and other minorities to the Internet has been the explosive evolution of the Internet itself, once mostly a tool used by researchers, which has become a cultural crossroad of work, play and social interaction. Studies and mounting anecdotal evidence now suggest that blacks, even some of those at the lower end of the economic scale, are making significant gains. As a result, organizations that serve African-Americans, as well as companies seeking their business, are increasingly turning to the Internet to reach out to them.
Here are two stunning statements.
Education levels remain a major indicator of who is among the 137 million Americans using the Internet and who is not, said Ms. Fox. There is also a strong correlation, experts say, between household income and Internet access.
This piece reads like its a couple of years behind the current trend, but not offensive.


Borders ban magazine with Mohammed cartoons.

Culture: I said this when the cartoon riots occured in Europe. Most of these big talking free speech/free expression "defenders" had their chance to walk their talk. They refused to do it and this is only the beginning of companies and people running scared of getting their asses kicked.

Borders and Waldenbooks stores will not stock the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine because it contains cartoons of Muhammad that provoked deadly protests among Muslims in several countries. "For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority," Borders Group Inc. spokeswoman Beth Bingham said. The magazine, published by the Council for Secular Humanism in suburban Amherst, N.Y., includes four of the drawings that initially appeared in a Danish newspaper in September, including one depicting Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a lighted fuse. Islamic tradition bars depiction of Muhammad, to prevent idol worship, which is strictly prohibited. "What is at stake is the precious right of freedom of expression," said Paul Kurtz, editor in chief of Free Inquiry. "Cartoons often provide an important form of political satire…. To refuse to distribute a publication because of fear of vigilante violence is to undermine freedom of press — so vital for our democracy."
At least they did not hide behind the respect Islam excuse.


Jill Carroll: Stockholm Syndrome victim?

Media: Happy with her release, though I objected to the media treatment of those who did not elevate her to a higher status than everyone else who has been kidnapped. LGF has links to video and transcript where she praises her captors and denounces the war. I am leaning more to her saying just what she said to keep herself alive. John Podhoretz on the NRO Corner did bring up the Stockholm Syndrome as she was released.

It's wonderful that she's free, but after watching someone who was a hostage for three months say on television she was well-treated because she wasn't beaten or killed -- while being dressed in the garb of a modest Muslim woman rather than the non-Muslim woman she actually is -- I expect there will be some Stockholm Syndrome talk in the coming days. Posted at 09:25 AM

Editor and Publisher quickly ran a defensive apologist piece after running a story about John Podhoretz and Powerline questioning Carroll's well-treated remarks. This was after the video was released.

NEW YORK Several hours after the release of journalist Jill Carroll in Baghdad today, the shadowy group that claims to have abducted her, the Vengeance Brigade, released a video in which she praised her captors and denounced President Bush and the U.S. war effort.

It is not known if her statements were coerced, but she made them while a captive, under obviously trying conditions.

She said of Bush, "He needs to stop this war. He knows this war is wrong."Replying to questions in the nine-minute video, Carroll said, according to a Washington Post account, that the insurgents are "more clever" and "better at what they do" than U.S. troops.

She said the fact that U.S. forces were unable to find her "makes very clear that the mujaheddin are the ones who will win in the end in this war."


Chirac expected to sign new youth labor law.

France: Chirac is going to address the nation and sign into law making it easier for employers to fire people under 26.

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Jacques Chirac will address the nation on Friday to explain his next move on a controversial youth jobs law that has brought millions to the streets in protest. A top court, the Constitutional Council, backed the law on Thursday, handing the baton to Chirac to decide what to do. He can sign the measure into law and risk more street protests or risk losing his prime minister if he withdraws it. Parliamentary sources expect him to sign the CPE First Jobs Contract on Friday. He will speak on television at 6:00 p.m. Villepin, who has seen his popularity tumble since introducing the law, says it is a crucial tool to fight youth unemployment. Student demonstrators and unions have urged Chirac to send the law back to parliament -- stripped of the CPE articles that were attached to it. The contract allows companies to fire workers aged under 26 without giving a reason and opponents say this will create a generation of workers with no job security. Millions of workers and students have joined protests, some marred by violence, against the law in recent weeks. Students kept up their action on Thursday, blocking main traffic routes and some major train stations. Unions have called new protests next Tuesday and have warned the government that millions more will turn out unless Chirac changes the law. Chirac has repeatedly backed Villepin, widely viewed as his preferred successor should the president, 73, not stand for a third term in elections next year. But commentators say the protests have left Villepin's future in the balance and a climbdown on the law could sink his hopes of running in next year's presidential election. Villepin says the contract will help bring down high unemployment. Data on Thursday showed the unemployment rate stuck at 9.6 percent in February, one of the highest rates in Europe. Joblessness among under 25-year-olds fell slightly to 22.2 percent.
This is one of many steps they have to take to make France competitive in the global economy. If the youths are too stupid to see it and want to hold on to the past its fine with me. Less competiton for everyone else to worry about as France holds back the EU as a whole.


Houston: Dear Evacuees, get out.

Nation: Welcome mat officially taken away.

HOUSTON -- Seven months after taking in about 200,000 Louisiana residents left homeless by Hurricane Katrina, Houstonians aren't feeling so hospitable anymore. Many people in the nation's fourth-largest city complain that the influx has led to more killings and gang violence, lines at health clinics and bus stops, and fights and greater overcrowding in the schools. Some of those claims are debatable, but the sentiment is real. "We still want to help them, but it's to the point where enough is enough," said Torah Whitaker, 25, of Missouri City, a Houston suburb. Houston received national acclaim for accepting more evacuees than any other U.S. city. It gave them apartments, houses and health care, and held job fairs for them. Celebrities visited schools and brought gifts for the youngsters. About 150,000 evacuees remain in the greater Houston area, which has more than 4 million people. While some plan to return to Louisiana, thousands have secured their own housing and jobs and plan to make Houston their home. A survey last month of 765 Houston-area residents by Rice University sociologist Stephen Klineberg found that three-fourths believed that helping the evacuees put a "considerable strain" on the community and two-thirds blamed evacuees for a surge in violent crime. Half said Houston would be worse off if evacuees stayed, while one-fourth said the city would be better off. The murder rate between the Katrina evacuees' arrival in September and last week was up nearly 32% from the same period a year ago, Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt said. He said some of that is attributable to evacuees, but added: "I don't mean to send the message that all Katrina evacuees are involved in drug dealing, gangs and violent offenses."
Read it all.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AFL-CIO head rips guest worker plan, Ohio GOP sucks.

Politics: Two ways to look at this. Sweeney realizes that just adding 11 million workers in an age of less manufacturing jobs and other industries the AFL-CIO has lost power in doesn't bode well for them. The second is that since service jobs are on the rise with a high latino segment which would be organized by the SEIU who left them about a year ago.

WASHINGTON - The nation's largest labor organization on Tuesday criticized plans to expand guest worker programs for immigrants seeking to come to the United States, parting company with longtime Senate Democratic allies who pushed successfully to include them in broad-based immigration legislation. "Guest worker programs are a bad idea and harm all workers," AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said in a statement released the da Senate Judiciary Committee cleared an immigration bill. "They cast workers into a perennial second-class status and unfairly put their fates into their employers' hands." Sweeney's statement praised numerous provisions of the overall immigration legislation, particularly a part that gives illegal aliens an opportunity to apply for citizenship. Still, his criticism the unusual political pressures at work as President Bush and Congress grapple with an emotional issue in the run-up to midterm elections. ..."Guest worker programs "encourage employers to turn good jobs into temporary jobs at reduced wages and diminished working conditions and contribute to the growing class of workers laboring in poverty," he said. Sweeney issued his statement as White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters that Bush wants a temporary worker program included in any immigration measure that clears Congress. "Because what a temporary worker program would do is help relieve pressure on the border. It will allow our law enforcement officials and Border Patrol agents to focus on those who are coming here for the wrong reasons, the criminals and the drug dealers and the terrorists," he said.
House Majority leader John Boehner, R-Ohio brings the idiocy.
Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, who voted to approve the fence project, indicated he may change his mind based on a recent trip to the Southwest. He told reporters he had met with farmers as well as law enforcement officials and "no one in the room thought the wall would work because if you build the wall, then you have to police the wall."
Thats the whole idea of hiring more border agents in part to police the wall you idiot. But if that is a problem just make a couple of these to patrol it. What? Too much?


Illegal protests = benign Muslim cartoon protests.

Culture: Reading reports about upside down American Flag with the Mexican flag above , all this talk about this is their homeland, give us rights now because we demand it and a general disrespect towards American laws by some parts of the protestors. The only difference between this and protests about cartoons is the lack of religion and those in Europe probably had more legal members. I am holding off on the violence aspect because lets see what happens if the senate version of the bill bombs out. Can you tell how disgusted and disappointed I am about this whole deal? Perfect example.

For months if not years, the debate on immigration has been dominated in public forums by congressional voices against accommodating illegal immigrants and by television and talk radio programs bristling with anti-illegal-immigrant commentary. But U.S. employer organizations - with California agribusiness and other industries in front - are part of a broad spectrum of society trying to seize the debate from the other side. Lobbying in Washington - and now hitting the streets - they are arguing for reforms that recognize undocumented immigrants' contributions to the economy rather than branding them a burden that should be ejected from the country.
Thats not even the argument, all anyone wants is that every person, no matter go thru the legal process of becoming a citizen. All that has been seen so far are protests demanding legalization on friendly terms and damn the consequences. If the amnesty bill passes, 10-20 years from now, you are going to have the same problem. This bill is a bandaid over a problem that demands a more comprehensive solution.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Orleans to sell flooded buses on ebay

Nation: Check out the slight of hand by the AP reporter.. RUKMINI CALLIMACHI!

Starved for cash, the New Orleans school district is taking a long shot and hoping to sell its flooded, unsalvageable school buses on eBay. Some submerged to their roofs in the black flood waters, the yellow school buses were widely photographed in the days after Hurricane Katrina and have become an icon of the city's devastated school system. School officials acknowledge the sale of the buses on the Internet auction site may puzzle some people used to more traditional school fundraisers like bake sales. "There's no shame in it. Not one bit," said school board president Phyllis Landrieu. "This is a new mechanism for selling things. I think it's very upbeat what we're doing." Only 23 of 117 Orleans Parish public schools have reopened. They face a $111 million shortfall - about a quarter of the district's $430 million annual operating budget. The district also has $264 million in outstanding debt, carried over from before Hurricane Katrina.
Silly me, I thought it was an icon because it proved that Nagin and Blanco could have used them to get people out of the city as the plan said to do in case of a hurricane coming at the city. Speaking of the New Orleans school system.
AP) Young Hurricane Katrina refugees living in Texas scored considerably worse on a statewide standardized exam than Texas children, and thousands of them could be held back. Teachers and state officials blame the low scores on New Orleans' poor school system, the trauma of being abruptly uprooted from their homes, and the possibility that some of them were put in the wrong grade after arriving in Texas with no records. The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, a test of reading and math ability, was given in February to third- and fifth-graders, who must pass in order to move up to the next grade. About 38,000 Katrina evacuees are enrolled in Texas schools. Only 58 percent of evacuees in third grade passed the reading portion, compared with 89 percent of all students. In fifth grade, 46 percent of evacuees passed the reading portion, versus 80 percent among all students. "We've got kids who are coming into our secondary system and cannot read," Houston school board member Larry Marshall said. "Now that is a tragedy." Between the two grades, about 2,000 refugees failed. Students who failed will have two more opportunities to pass the test this spring, but some worry the learning gap is too wide to close. "Unfortunately a lot of the children came to us two and three years behind. It's going to be a struggle for a lot of them to catch up," said Texas Education Agency spokeswoman Debbie Graves Ratcliffe. At New Orleans West, a Houston charter school that opened exclusively for evacuees, the scores were even lower. Twenty-one percent of fifth-graders and 30 percent of third-graders passed. About 10 percent of students in both grades are illiterate, Principal Gary Robichaux said. Robichaux, who hopes around 50 percent of his students will pass by the second try, mostly blamed the low scores on the disparity between New Orleans education standards and those in Texas. "A lot of (New Orleans) schools were chaotic," said Robichaux, who was at a New Orleans preparatory school before Katrina. "The quality of teaching just wasn't there."


Black America finally learning to play hardball politics?

Politics: At least in Chicago, the whole vote for whatever Dem is on the ticket routine may be in trouble.

The Chicago City Council's black caucus met with state Sen. James Meeks on Monday and agreed to back Meeks' possible third-party gubernatorial bid unless Gov. Blagojevich commits as much as $4 billion during the next four years to African-American causes. "If the governor doesn't meet the needs of the African-American community, then we're not going to support his candidacy, and we're going to move forward with supporting Rev. Meeks," said Ald. Anthony Beale (9th). Beale was among about a dozen black City Council members who met with Meeks at a South Side restaurant to discuss the funding ultimatum to the governor and the Salem Baptist Church pastor's potential gubernatorial run this fall.
It sounds promising, its time to get yours!
Today marks the first day that Meeks (D-Chicago) could put nominating petitions on the street to gather the necessary 25,000 signatures required by late June to join Blagojevich and Republican Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka on the Nov. 7 ballot. There were no signs that effort materialized as of Monday night. Meeks did not return calls left at his Chicago answering service or Springfield legislative office. Mayor Daley, meanwhile, weighed in on the potentially devastating threat Meeks poses to Blagojevich. When asked if Meeks had the ability to torpedo Blagojevich and perhaps the rest of the Democratic ticket in the fall, the mayor said, "Sure. Sure, that's happened before. That's a reality." In 1986, two supporters of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche scored stunning upsets for lieutenant governor and secretary of state in the statewide Democratic primary, wrecking the Democrats' efforts to unseat Republican Gov. James R. Thompson. Ald. Beale said he expects Blagojevich to deliver on the $1 billion-a-year funding commitment for schools, job training, help for released prisoners and building needs by May 31, or the wheels will be set in motion to get Meeks and a slate of third-party candidates on the fall ballot.
Now unless I start seeing petitions flying about, empty threats like this will only further hurt black voters in trying to establish them as a voting block that matters. The whole 90+% voting Dem has lead them to take the vote for granted.


Bring Yolande Beckles to America!

UK: This is how you get a community and its children into shape.

Yolande Beckles is a tough-talking woman on a mission - to help inner city teenagers achieve their dreams. Teenagers must be pushed to aim higher, says Yolande Beckles In a new BBC series, Don't Mess With Miss Beckles, she tackles nine pupils failing to fulfil their potential. Here, she tells the BBC News Website why schools must play their part in raising the aspirations of pupils. "I think the impact of teaching can be huge," she said. "You have a key to a door when you are a teacher and you should wake up every day and remember that." Drawing on her experiences working in human resources, she set up a motivational firm Global Graduates, which currently has 3,000 pupils going through a 10-year programme which often starts when they are 13. Those on it have to go through a rigorous selection procedure - as do their families. Once on the programme they are faced with the tough-talking Miss Beckles, or Yo as she prefers to be known, who works with the pupil, their family and school. She tells them when to get up, what to eat, how much they need to work - and she tells them what will happen if they don't. Her results are impressive. Many students go on to do degrees at Oxford and Cambridge; one has just been accepted at Harvard.
Bringing structure, setting goals and a no excuse attitude will get results most of the time. Beckles doesn't sugarcoat anything.
"There are many children like that," she said. "And we have to ask why, in education, do we switch off so many children?" She added: "I had to switch them back on to learning. But that was not just my responsibility. It's about the child, it's about parents, it's about the school. This is about doing a 360-degree turn and some people, when they are faced with how I work go 'whoaah'." One of her biggest challenges, she says, is to encourage self-belief. "There are many people who were told at school that they weren't any good," she said. "People should not be told that. They should be told that they can achieve." But isn't she just piling on too much pressure? "Life is pressured," she said. "Life is not an easy ticket. When you leave school with no qualifications and you are stuck being a trolley boy in a supermarket you might start to think 'What was I doing all that time at school?' And you might start to think why didn't anyone tell me this was what I'd be doing if I didn't do any work." It is this honesty which she says she often finds lacking from both teachers and parents. "I tell children off," she said. "And I found that many people just aren't being honest with the children. I think honesty is about truth and if you say 'Look this is what will happen if you don't do this work' then there is nothing wrong with that."
The sad part is she may be too radical for the education system in America at this point.


Illegal Immigrants demand rights

Immigration: This is the American version of trying to get Iran not to proceed with its nuke program. Its all over but the shouting as illegals demand they get rights they do not deserve unless they went thru the process like everyone else. Between the gutless GOP and the pandering Dems, why bother playing by the rules, game the damn system.

A group of eight middle schoolers from Edgar Allen Poe in Annandale also walked out of class in protest. They returned shortly after a discussion with the principal, school officials said. Holding posters that read in Spanish "We want rights" and waving Salvadoran and Mexican flags, Freedom students and some from other high schools in Prince William County demonstrated peacefully outside the school from about 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. while police and school administrators observed. There were no arrests. Students said they organized the protest by posting bulletins on the Web site . "Let's see [what would happen] if Hispanics stop working for a day!" yelled Anthony Lemus, 16, a Freedom student. "We'd have the crash of 1929," Yesenia Rivas, 15, shot back. School officials who were watching the demonstration praised the students for being so orderly. "This is tremendously important to them. Everybody here knows or is related to an illegal immigrant," said Rae Darlington, associate superintendent of Prince William's school system. Freedom's principal, Dorothy McCabe, said: "I'm so proud of them. They have a cause and know their rights." No special punishments will be meted out for cutting class, McCabe said. Students who participated will receive warnings, detention or suspension, depending on their behavior record.
Your public school system at work. Mexico is happy we are legalizing their people.
MEXICO CITY - Mexicans cheered the proposal approved Monday by the Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize undocumented migrants and provide temporary work visas, and credited huge marches of migrants across the United States as the decisive factor behind the vote. Mexican President Vicente Fox said the vote was the result of five years of work dating to the start of his presidential term in 2000, and puts Mexico one step closer toward the government's goal of "legalization for everyone" who works in the United States. "My recognition and respect for all the Hispanics and all the Mexicans who have made their voice heard," Fox said. "We saw them turn out this weekend all across the United States, and that's going to count for a lot as we move forward." Some Mexican media outlets were even more euphoric, predicting final approval for the committee bill as drafted, and suggesting the weekend demonstrations showed Mexico still holds some sway over former territories which it lost in the 1846-48 Mexican-American War. "With all due respect to Uncle Sam, this shows that Los Angeles has never stopped being ours," reporter Alberto Tinoco said on the Televisa television network's nightly news broadcast, referring to a Saturday march in Los Angeles that drew an estimated 500,000, mainly Mexicans.
They respect America as an ATM. DJs in LA were behind the reason for the massive turnout in Los Angeles.
"The strong advocacy of the disc jockeys and other Spanish-language media contrasted sharply with other outlets, said Felix Gutierrez, a journalism professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication. "The Latino media played it more as how will this affect you, how will it affect your job, how will it affect your kids," Gutierrez said. "They were much closer to their audience, in terms of the direct effect." Gutierrez lauded the organization behind the event and contrasted it with the angrier assemblies of the Chicano movement of the 1960s, in which he was a media liaison. By comparison, Saturday's rally was festive, featuring kazoos, mariachi music, cotton candy and families with children. "The messages I heard last week was show up, bring your family, bring your children, don't get pulled into violence, there may be people trying to provoke you," Gutierrez said. Meanwhile, Diaz and Rodriguez planned to announce today their next major action: a call to boycott work, school and all consumer activities May 1. They are calling it "The Great American Boycott of 2006."


Fire the person for being a moron.

Media: Looks like another plager person got caught.

March 27, 2006 Correction: Over the weekend, ABC News was alerted to the fact that a story on its Web site regarding the Patriot Act and the presidential use of signing statements bore numerous similarities to an exclusive story that appeared in Friday's Boston Globe, as well as on its Web site. Upon further investigation, it is clear that the story posted by was substantially similar to the Boston Globe's enterprise reporting on the subject. As soon as ABC News became aware of this situation, it immediately took down the offending post. ABC News has taken appropriate disciplinary action and apologizes to the Boston Globe and to our readers for this unacceptable breach of our standards.
How dumb do you have to be to steal material from a major online source over the weekend when it appears on Friday?


Monday, March 27, 2006

Hamas: moderate Islamic movement

Middle East: I think that to go on a charm offensive, you sorta need to have charm first.

All this is said with great charm, and Dr Dweik, asked how he can justify the Hamas suicide bombers, reaches for a piece of paper and writes an equation. It reads "Oppression + Hopelessness = Death". He goes on to say that he does not want to throw the Israelis into the sea, not at all. He values human life and Hamas has stuck by its declared truce and will continue to stick by it. If Israel came up with a deal that offered Palestinians a true state, that too would be considered. "In the meantime, we have work to do, laying down the ground for real democracy and transparency and getting rid of corruption. That is our first priority. We want to repair our economy. Then we must give our people some measure of social justice. And we want to promote international peace. We want international support. "OK, yes, it happened, we did suicide attacks but now there is a truce. We deplore any action where civilians are killed, yes, including Israeli civilians. We are a moderate Islamic movement. We are not terrorists. We are freedom seekers. Please, tell your readers, please help us secure this goal."
They got the buzz words down.


Amnesty bill passes the Senate Judiciary.

Immigration: I am glad the GOP controls everything because I would hate for an amnesty bill to pass...oh wait... never mind. If Ted Kennedy is happy then its a bad bill.

WASHINGTON - The Senate Judiciary Committee approved sweeping election-year legislation Monday that clears the way for 11 million illegal aliens to seek U.S. citizenship, a victory for demonstrators who had spilled into the streets by the hundreds of thousands demanding better treatment for immigrants. With a bipartisan coalition in control, the committee also voted down proposed criminal penalties on immigrants found to be in the country illegally. It approved a new temporary program allowing entry for 1.5 million workers seeking jobs in the agriculture industry. "All Americans wanted fairness and they got it this evening," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., who played a pivotal role in drafting the legislation. There was no immediate reaction from the White House, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said he hoped President Bush would participate in efforts to fashion consensus legislation. "The only thing that's off the table is inaction," said Graham, who voted for the committee bill. The 12-6 vote broke down along unusual lines, with a majority of the panel's Republicans opposed to the measure even though their party controls the Senate. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., seeking re-election this fall in his border state, said the bill offered amnesty to illegal immigrants, and sought unsuccessfully to insert tougher provisions. He told fellow committee members that the economy would turn sour some day and Americans workers would want the jobs that now go to illegal immigrants. They will ask, "how could you have let this happen," he added. Committee chairman Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania was one of four Republicans to support the bill, but he signaled strongly that some of the more controversial provisions could well be changed when the measure reaches the Senate floor. That is "very frequently" the case when efforts to reach a broad bipartisan compromise falter, he noted. In general, the bill is designed to strengthen enforcement of U.S. borders, regulate the flow into the country of so-called guest workers and determine the legal future of the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally. The bill would double the Border Patrol and authorizes a "virtual wall" of unmanned vehicles, cameras and censors to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border. It also allows more visas for nurses and agriculture workers, and shelters humanitarian organizations from prosecution if they provide non-emergency assistance to illegal residents.
Here is the best part, a bunch of illegals protesting without fear which shows how lax American enforcement has become got the attention of the Amnesty lovers. The polls which everyone points out for everything else that matters do not in this case. This is pathetic.
The most controversial provision would permit illegal aliens currently in the country to apply for citizenship without first having to return home, a process that would take at least six years or more. They would have to pay a fine, learn English, study American civics, demonstrate they had paid their taxes and take their place behind other applicants for citizenship, according to aides to Kennedy. "Well over 60 percent of Americans in all the polls I see think it's OK to have temporary workers, but you do not have to make them citizens," said Kyl. "We have a fundamental difference between the way you look at them and the way I look at them," Kennedy observed later. Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain, a potential presidential contender who worked with Kennedy on the issue, told reporters the street demonstrations had made an impact. "All those people who were demonstrating are not here illegally. They are the children and grandchildren" of those who may have been, he said. The committee met as several thousand demonstrators rallied at the foot of the Capitol. Many were members of the clergy who donned handcuffs and sang "We Shall Overcome," the unofficial anthem of the civil rights era.
All the people like me who went thru the process of getting citizenship the right way, how stupid were we? Check out the BS by Lindsey Graham
“Amnesty grants immigrants immediate citizenship and that’s why I oppose amnesty,” said Graham. “Anyone trying to become a citizen under the guest-worker program must meet very strict criteria over an eleven year period. Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest presidents, tried amnesty and it failed. We should not repeat that mistake.” To receive a work visa, illegal immigrants would be forced to: 1) Register with the government or face deportation. 2) Pay a $1,000 fine. 3) Undergo an extensive and comprehensive background check to ensure they do not have a criminal record or pose a danger to society. 4) Show proof of employment. 5) Continue to remain employed while in the United States. Lack of employment longer than 45 days results in deportation. After six years of work in the United States, they could apply for a second five year extension. Immigrants would be forced to: 6) Pay another $1,000 fine. 7) Undergo a second comprehensive background check to ensure they do not have a criminal record or pose a danger to society. 8) Pay any back taxes. 9) Attend a class on American civics. 10) Learn to speak English. 11) Upon completion of these requirements, they would go to the back of the line to apply for permanent resident alien status. 12) After another five years (a total of 11 years after first registering) they would be eligible to apply to become an American citizen.
Anyone honestly think they are going to deport anyone over not working for 45 days? Please, this is a travesty. A bunch of pap trying to be fed to us by idiots.


Illegal immigration debate? time for the sob stories!

Immigration: Never fails, the newspapers who are "fair and objective" start to churn out the woe is me stories every time immigration talk heats up. This article from one of the worst "They are victims" mentality papers in the state of Florida, if not the country, the St Pete Times is a great example of it. The St. Pete Times is owned by the Poynter Institute and runs the paper non-profit, this article is the perfect example why papers should be for profit because when the readers revolt over stupidity like this, it hurts their bottom line.

Illegals despair awaiting reform While Congress works toward an overhaul and considers a guest worker program, some fear their lives are being torn apart. By SAUNDRA AMRHEIN, Times Staff Writer Published March 26, 2006
The title tells you which way this story is going for the duration.
TAMPA - Seven-year-old Angel Gutierrez never heard of Senate bills or something adults call "comprehensive immigration reform." But Angel knows his dad never comes to his baseball practices anymore. At home, Angel runs to the window when a car passes, hoping maybe it's him. Last week, Angel's mom found a sitter and boarded a plane for Washington, D.C., with two Dade City women and a lawyer. They joined hundreds from across the country to lobby members of Congress. With lawmakers edging closer to a showdown on the most comprehensive overhaul of immigration policy in two decades, the immigrants tried to convey how current U.S. policies fracture families.
Nice, we got the little kid waiting for dad angle right off the bat to paint a picture for you people out there who demand illegals be kept out... think of the children.
Melissa Gutierrez, 24, was a teenager when she and her husband met in Ocala. She became pregnant, and the two decided to marry. "I had no idea about this immigration stuff," said Melissa Gutierrez, who handles medical billing for an oncology center in Ocala. She thought that because Victor was marrying an American citizen, he would be fine. Years passed while they worked and saved to hire a lawyer to get Victor's green card. But one night, he got pulled over and was accused of drunken driving. For many people, that means a suspended license. For Victor, it meant deportation. He was sent to Mexico in 2002. Melissa filed paperwork to get him a visa. Months passed with no reply. Angel started kindergarten. Christmas neared. Her husband, impatient and desperate to see his family, crossed the border illegally. Then he was caught speeding and deported again in June. The law blocks his legal return for at least 10 years. Melissa won't move to Mexico because neither she nor Angel speaks Spanish, and Victor couldn't support them there. She told Victor not to tell her if he planned another trip back. She heard about a proposed bill that would criminally charge people who helped illegal immigrants. "Do you want to have your husband here and be a family?" she said. "Or, God forbid, they pick you and your husband up. And where does that leave your child?"
The lawyer bit puzzles me, there are many immigrant lawyers who will file paperwork for you and help get a green card, lots of advocacy groups for illegals will help as well. I am supposed to believe they were saving money for years? In the first case, they both created this mess and because they have a child everyone is supposed to drop the fact he was illegal? Why didn't he apply for a green card in Mexico when he got deported the first time or even here?
Karrie Mendoza of Dade City met her husband two years ago while both worked at Hungry Howie's Pizza. Evaristo Mendoza also worked in the fields when not delivering pizza. They married last year and filed paperwork for his green card. The application was pending. Last month, after the two argued in a parking lot, police arrested Evaristo on a domestic violence charge. Karrie refused to press charges, but her husband was put in immigration detention in Bradenton. She feared that if he is deported before her attorney can get him out, he will be blocked from coming back for 10 years. Karrie, 28, is three months pregnant. The two also have three children each from other relationships. Trying to support them on her own, Karrie sold a truck and found a smaller apartment. She refused to accept government assistance but wondered how long she can make it without him. "They don't want these illegals to be a debt to society," she said, "but they are making American families married to them become a debt to society."
This is the government fault you choosed to marry an illegal? You knew the possible consequences and ignored it. Your bad choice should not be a burden on the rest of society. Yet another sob story.
Felicitas Morales, 20, is a junior at Saint Leo University in Pasco County. There, she pursues a double major in international studies and international business. Since age 13, she has been active in youth groups. But she is also an illegal immigrant. Morales was brought from Mexico age 2. Her parents and siblings worked in the fields around Dade City. She thrived in school. Her grandfather, a U.S. citizen, applied to sponsor the family for their green cards. He died, so the application was thrown out. And like thousands of children across the country, she was stuck. Without a Social Security number, she couldn't qualify for federally backed student loans or college scholarships. Morales was lucky. Saint Leo admitted her with a private scholarship. She thought by now that Congress would have passed the DREAM Act, granting residency to U.S. high school graduates who complete postsecondary educational programs. So far, she has been wrong. And if lawmakers don't make changes for students like her, she will soon hold a bachelor's degree in a country that won't give her a job, legally. As she planned to fly to Washington, Morales told her attorney that she might go to Mexico to get her master's degree if a reform bill doesn't help her. She has no idea how much it would cost, how she would pay for it, where she would live.
Morales has the right idea, go back to Mexico, finish the degree. Also, she could apply for a green card to come here legally instead of waiting for the country to wave their hand and make the illegal actions of her parents lawful. It is irritating for people like me who went thru the process of become legal residents then went on proudly to get their citizenship are watching a group of illegals not just refusing to obey the laws of this country, but demanding they get full rights now because they believe its their God-given right.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

France: Which way do we go? which way do we go?

France: They are trying to hold on to the past, but as those who try to do that, it is failing badly. France will be brought kicking and screaming with the rest of the world. How fun it will be to watch depends on if you live there or not.

Many French agree. In art galleries, on bestseller lists, in corporate boardrooms and on the streets, the country's outlook has become so morose that President Jacques Chirac has urged citizens to stop the "self-flagellation." By almost every measure this society holds dear -- political, economic, wine exports, art auctions -- France is losing its global dynamism. The recent demonstrations by angry young people across the country are just the latest symptom of angst and fear in the national psyche. "France is divorced from the modern world of the 21st century," said Nicolas Baverez, author of a top-selling book, "New World, Old France." It describes a country so fearful of letting go of outmoded traditions -- including a hugely expensive cradle-to-grave welfare system -- that it is being shut out of the global marketplace. "We're at a very dangerous turning point," he said. Ipsos, a French polling institute, recently asked 500 people between the ages of 20 and 25 the question: "What does globalization mean to you?" Forty-eight percent of those surveyed responded, "Fear." Fear of what? Just about everything, according to Christophe Lambert, author of another examination of contemporary France, "The Fearful Society." The country, he writes, is paralyzed by "fear of the future, fear of losing, fear of others, fear of taking a risk, fear of solitude, fear of growing old."
Other "good" news, Anti-Jew feelings are being passed on with almost everyone looking the other way.
"It's blacks and Arabs on one side and Jews on the other," said Sebastian Daranal, a young black man standing in the parking lot of a government-subsidized housing project with two friends. Eight men beat the son of a rabbi here in March. Another Jew was attacked the next day. In the wake of the torture and killing in February of Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old Jew, attention has focused on an undeniable problem: anti-Semitism among France's second-generation immigrant youth, whose high jobless rate the government is trying to address with a law drawing widespread protests across the country. The law, intended to increase employment, especially among the young, has drawn opposition because of a provision that allows companies to hire people 25 or younger for a two-year trial period, during which they can be fired without cause. Schools are the battleground over anti-Semitism, and teachers complain that the government has done little, despite many proposals. "The minister of education has done nothing," said Jean-Pierre Obin, an inspector general of education in France, who wrote a report in 2004 that called anti-Semitism "ubiquitous" in the 61 schools surveyed. "He prefers not to talk about it." Mr. Obin wrote in the report of "a stupefying and cruel reality: in France, Jewish children — and they are alone in this case — can no longer be educated in just any school." Ianis Roder, 34, a history teacher in a middle school northeast of Paris, said he was stunned by what he witnessed after Sept. 11, 2001. The next day, someone spray-painted in a stairwell of the school the image of an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center beside the words "Death to the U.S., Death to Jews." When he told his class months later that Hitler had killed millions of million Jews, one boy blurted out, "He would have made a good Muslim!" Mr. Roder told of a Muslim teacher who dismissed her class after a shouting match over Nazi propaganda. The students said the offensive images accurately depicted Jews


Decline of values and morals continue in Black America.

Culture: Scratch that, it's happening with all groups in America, but what did people expect when you continue to justify everything as being the same as marriage? Moral relativism is a the heart of this problem. it change social norms and the group at the bottom of the social ladder is most vulnerable. This would be blacks.

I grew up in a time when two-parent families were still the norm, in both black and white America. Then, as an adult, I saw divorce become more commonplace, then almost a rite of passage. Today it would appear that many -- particularly in the black community -- have dispensed with marriage altogether. But as a black woman, I have witnessed the outrage of girlfriends when the ex failed to show up for his weekend with the kids, and I've seen the disappointment of children who missed having a dad around. Having enjoyed a close relationship with my own father, I made a conscious decision that I wanted a husband, not a live-in boyfriend and not a "baby's daddy," when it came my time to mate and marry. My time never came. For years, I wondered why not. And then some 12-year-olds enlightened me. "Marriage is for white people." That's what one of my students told me some years back when I taught a career exploration class for sixth-graders at an elementary school in Southeast Washington. I was pleasantly surprised when the boys in the class stated that being a good father was a very important goal to them, more meaningful than making money or having a fancy title. "That's wonderful!" I told my class. "I think I'll invite some couples in to talk about being married and rearing children." "Oh, no," objected one student. "We're not interested in the part about marriage. Only about how to be good fathers." And that's when the other boy chimed in, speaking as if the words left a nasty taste in his mouth: "Marriage is for white people."
The study about young black men falling further behind the rest of society by the NYTIMES and Stanley Crouch dovestails into why black women are leery of marrying too young.
Crouch: "Once upon a time, black lower class did not mean welfare dependents, teenage mothers and young men who had served time before they were in their mid-20s. It once meant blue-collar workers, almost all of whom agreed that knowledge would result in freedom, while ignorance would result in slavery. ....Originally, perhaps because there was once such resistance to black education, achieving an education became a high cultural goal. Taking care of one's family and staying out of jail were also high achievements. But with the fall of shame and the emergence of a cultural relativity that would seem to accept almost any kind of behavior, things have gone badly for black males. Once the pimp or the hustler was no longer thought of as slime and started to be seen as just another guy working his way through capitalism, black lower-class values had reached the bottom. Now that we are there, it is important to understand that the job ahead for our society is not introducing something new but reasserting a set of survival principles based on excellence, which once had a strong position and can have one again. "

Back to the Wash Post:

Traditional notions of family, especially the extended family network, endure. But working mothers, unmarried couples living together, out-of-wedlock births, birth control, divorce and remarriage have transformed the social landscape. And no one seems to feel this more than African American women. One told me that with today's changing mores, it's hard to know "what normal looks like" when it comes to courtship, marriage and parenthood. Sex, love and childbearing have become a la carte choices rather than a package deal that comes with marriage. Moreover, in an era of brothers on the "down low," the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the decline of the stable blue-collar jobs that black men used to hold, linking one's fate to a man makes marriage a risky business for a black woman. "A woman who takes that step is bold and brave," one young single mother told me. "Women don't want to marry because they don't want to lose their freedom." Among African Americans, the desire for marriage seems to have a different trajectory for women and men. My observation is that black women in their twenties and early thirties want to marry and commit at a time when black men their age are more likely to enjoy playing the field. As the woman realizes that a good marriage may not be as possible or sustainable as she would like, her focus turns to having a baby, or possibly improving her job status, perhaps by returning to school or investing more energy in her career. As men mature, and begin to recognize the benefits of having a roost and roots (and to feel the consequences of their risky bachelor behavior), they are more willing to marry and settle down. By this time, however, many of their female peers are satisfied with the lives they have constructed and are less likely to settle for marriage to a man who doesn't bring much to the table. Indeed, he may bring too much to the table: children and their mothers from previous relationships, limited earning power, and the fallout from years of drug use, poor health care, sexual promiscuity. In other words, for the circumspect black woman, marriage may not be a business deal that offers sufficient return on investment.
A depressing domino effect is happening and taking down black America with it.


Mexico going on an immigration charm offensive.

Mexico: Considering the resounding failure of their drug fight against the cartel along the border, I have no hope for this.

MEXICO CITY - As the U.S. Senate focuses this week on the issue of illegal immigration, Mexico has launched a campaign to convince Americans that it will do more to stop the flow of undocumented workers into the United States and prevent violence along the border. U.S. officials have praised the Mexican overtures, which include the adoption and publishing of a new immigration policy that calls for creation of economic and housing programs that would lure Mexican workers back home and an accord to better cooperate with U.S. officials on quickly responding to border crime. While skeptics note that some of the promises clash with Mexico's long-held positions and actions, U.S. and Mexican officials say the moves reflect a rare public commitment by Mexican authorities to accept responsibility for the root causes of illegal immigration and take steps to prevent it. "What we have accepted nationally is that we have responsibilities," said Silvia Hernandez, a Mexican senator and the principal author of the new written immigration policy. "Do we have homework to do? Yes. Do we have to revise our laws? Yes."
I seriously doubt Mexico will do what will slow the flow of people north which is improve their economy. It is too easy to push people north and send the money south. This is nothing more than a smokescreen.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

French students: I have my rights.. I HAVE MY RIGHTS!

France: The revolution marches on for cushy jobs given to lazy students.

A delicious sense of people power has gripped the French and most of all, the students I mingled with a few days ago as they marched arm in arm through the boulevards of Paris, shouting their anger with the government. To the barricades, they went, these revolutionaries, to fight for their rights - to pensions, mortgages and a steady job. Such odd revolutionaries. No heartfelt cry to change the world, but a plea for everything to stay the same. For France to remain in its glorious past: a time of full employment and jobs for life - a paternalistic state to take care of them from cradle to grave.
I think there was a Public Enemy song about this. "Got to give us what we want Gotta give us what we need Our freedom of speech is life time jobs sucking on the taxpayer t**ts. We got to keep the powers that be Let me hear you say Chorus Keep the power Keep the power Keep the power Keep the power Keep the power Keep the power Keep the power Wheve got to keep the powers that be.
In an echoing stone courtyard at Paris University, Marion and other students are making banners to carry on their march. "Mr Villepin, you are not the king", they read, a reminder of what happened to France's aristocracy after people power won out in times gone by. "I haven't studied hard to get nothing at the end of it," says Marion, with indignation. "I've earned the right to a secure job."
Actually you have earned the opportunity to compete for a job that may or may not be secure in today's world.
A secure job like the one her parents and grandparents enjoyed. A recent survey suggested that for most of the young in France, the real dream is to become a civil servant - a fonctionnaire. To work in government offices with regular hours, long holidays, and a 35 hour working week.
The results of a socialist cradle to the grave mommy country. Bless them.
As the world around them changes at a baffling rate, her students want the old certainties back - but these are certainties France can no longer guarantee. No country and no government could. Yet the belief in an all-powerful government is a very French creation, an attachment that goes deep. "The government must create jobs," Victor, an economics student tells me as he prepares to march again.
This would be the kind of economic program you stay far away from unless you want to be laughed at. France is doomed, they have to change or they will get left behind. They do change the people will revolt and it reverts back to the same old same old. They will become a broken part of the EU economic engine which allows places like China and India to keep gaining at a fast rate.


Wash Post loves their Embryonic.

Science: Just reading the headline will make people question the headline writer's bias.

Embryonic Stem Cell Success In Mouse Experiment, Cells From Testes Are Transformed By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, March 25, 2006; Page A11 Scientists in Germany said yesterday that they had retrieved easily obtained cells from the testes of male mice and transformed them into what appear to be embryonic stem cells, the versatile and medically promising biological building blocks that can morph into all kinds of living tissues.
Boston Globe of all places gets it right in the first paragraph.
Germans announce stem cell advance Technique avoids use of embryos By Gareth Cook, Globe Staff March 25, 2006 German scientists said yesterday that they have created cells similar to embryonic stem cells without using embryos, suggesting a way that stem cell research might advance without the controversy that has surrounded it. The team of scientists removed sperm-producing stem cells from mice and transformed them into cells that appear to be identical to embryonic stem cells, which can become any type of cell in the body and which lead to new treatments for a variety of diseases. If the same technique can be adapted to human cells, scientists would not need to use frozen embryos to create the equivalent of embryonic stem cells, and they would not need to clone stem cells -- the two approaches most scientists have been investigating.


Domenech and Confessore: Young reporters sucking.

Media: There isn't much more to say about Domenech other than he had to go with the evidence mounted against him. I question why Washington Post would hire someone without much experience to be their right blogger other than to set him up to fail, but he imploded before that happened. I also don't get the whole balance out Dan Froomkin angle unless they Nicholas Confessore on the other hand needs to go as well. That is disputed here via Poynter. Confessore had an interesting article that turned out to be a scam.

The editors' note states:"An article in The Metro Section on March 8 profiled Donna Fenton, identifying her as a 37-year-old victim of Hurricane Katrina who had fled Biloxi, Miss., and who was frustrated in efforts to get federal aid as she and her children remained as emergency residents of a hotel in Queens. "Yesterday, the New York police arrested Ms. Fenton, charging her with several counts of welfare fraud and grand larceny. Prosecutors in Brooklyn say she was not a Katrina victim, never lived in Biloxi and had improperly received thousands of dollars in government aid. Ms. Fenton has pleaded not guilty." For its profile, The Times did not conduct adequate interviews or public record checks to verify Ms. Fenton's account, including her claim that she had lived in Biloxi. Such checks would have uncovered a fraud conviction and raised serious questions about the truthfulness of her account."

Confessore who is a liberal journalist who used to work for the Washington Monthly and American Prospect, both leftist media before working with the Times according to Inopinion site. I would feel sorry for him and even say he deserved a second chance because people get scammed. A good scammer should be able to fool a reporter if he/she is good enough. But the fact they did not even bother to do simple fact checking that should be routine for every article is amusing and predictable.

Confessore saw an angle to bash the White House yet again over Katrina with a juicy story from an "evacuee", ran with it and got caught. He didn't get scammed, he was willing to run the story because it fit his bias and moved his own agenda forward. He and the editor should be fired because they broke the basic rules of journalism for their own purpose.


Between Abdul Rahman and the Cartoon riots

World: Islam is getting the publicity equal of 20 on 1 beatdown. This won't lead to positive image enforcement.

Under the interpretation of Islamic Sharia law on which Afghanistan's constitution is based, Mr Rahman faces the death penalty unless he reconverts to Islam. "The Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back," says Ansarullah Mawlafizada, the trial judge. "Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we have told him if he regrets what he did, then we will forgive him," he told the BBC News website.

BTW, anyone see any Imans, clerics and other assorted special interest groups/persons coming out in trying to protect this man from being killed? I mean in the same amount of numbers as they did for the cartoons? You mean for them this respect and tolerance mantra is a one way street?


France job riots continue.

France: I got to admit I am shocked Chirac and Villepin haven't caved yet. Chirac I can see being just a grumpy old man who decided screw'em. They reject the EU constitution? Take this!

Villepin's meeting with five leading unions got off to a combative start, with labor leaders riled by President Jacques Chirac's declaration earlier in the day that the law must be applied. "We were here today to tell him: 'If you want the situation to calm down, if you want real negotiations to open, you must understand that you must withdraw'" the job contract, said Jean-Claude Mailly of the Workers Force union. "He talked to us about the possibilities of making changes, improvements, and we told him that that was not what we are asking for." Villepin described Friday's meeting as "a first step" and said he hoped for more talks next week. But it remained unclear how he would calm the student protests. Unions representing employers, who also met with the prime minister, voiced support for the jobs measure but expressed concern for France. "We believe (the violence) endangers our country's economy, endangers the image and reputation of our country and also endangers the solidity of the social fabric," said Laurence Parisot, head of the powerful employers' union MEDEF. The jobs law, meant to put the brakes on sky-high unemployment among youths and make France's economy more flexible, would allow employers to more easily hire _ and fire _ workers under 26. Critics feel it will eat into job protections and leave youths even more vulnerable. Fallout from the jobs law, passed by parliament this month and expected to take effect in April, has shaken students and government alike. It could take a toll on the governing conservatives, including Villepin, both top would-be contenders for the presidential elections next year. On Thursday, youths with baseball bats attacked student protesters at the Paris park in front of Napoleon's tomb and others hurled rocks at riot police, who responded with baton charges and tear gas. Nationwide, police made 630 arrests, and 90 police officers were injured, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday. In all, there have been 1,420 arrests and 453 officers injured since clashes first broke out on March 11, he added.
Time for Sarkozy to really clean up the scum.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Black lower-class values have hit rock bottom

Culture: Via Stanley Crouch of the NYDailynews. He is talking about the study released last week about young black men via the NYTIMES.

It seems that some of us are committing intellectual suicide. It is undeclared and unrecognized by its victims, men of the black lower class. By contrast, both black women and the black middle class seem to be doing fine, better and better, in fact. Recognition of this phenomenon is widespread. All this week I received telephone calls and spoke with people from across the country who were disturbed by recent studies showing that lower-class black men are falling further and further behind everyone in society, including Hispanics. Three-quarters of black high school dropouts are suffering from unemployment and a lack of job skills. The unemployment figures are much higher than for their white and Hispanic counterparts. One person said to me that there is no need to be embarrassed or especially upset because what is going on can easily be explained - or at least understood. The black lower class is not only separated from America as a whole, it is also separated from those principles that have helped the black middle class do the most that it could for itself. Once upon a time, black lower class did not mean welfare dependents, teenage mothers and young men who had served time before they were in their mid-20s. It once meant blue-collar workers, almost all of whom agreed that knowledge would result in freedom, while ignorance would result in slavery. ....Originally, perhaps because there was once such resistance to black education, achieving an education became a high cultural goal. Taking care of one's family and staying out of jail were also high achievements. But with the fall of shame and the emergence of a cultural relativity that would seem to accept almost any kind of behavior, things have gone badly for black males. Once the pimp or the hustler was no longer thought of as slime and started to be seen as just another guy working his way through capitalism, black lower-class values had reached the bottom. Now that we are there, it is important to understand that the job ahead for our society is not introducing something new but reasserting a set of survival principles based on excellence, which once had a strong position and can have one again.

Read the whole thing. Cultural and moral relativism have done much harm to society and deep harm to sections of such as young black men. Now it has come to the point where I don't think it is reversible and a generation will be lost if the community starts to instill the values lost on the younger children growing up.


The female Terrell Owens of college sports.

Media: Via Poynter. She has all the makings of a MSM journalist, self-centered and clueless.

A Tennessee State tennis player was kicked off the team and had her scholarship revoked last month after she missed three days of practice to attend a collegiate journalism conference on behalf of the university. Junior Melaney Whiting traveled to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities National Newspaper Conference in North Carolina on Feb. 8-11 instead of attending practices in preparation for the upcoming tennis season. Whiting is on staff at the school’s student paper, The Meter, and was the tennis team’s No. 1 singles player. Her trip to the conference was fully funded by the school and approved by Director of Student Publications Pamela Foster and by Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Dorothy Lockridge. But when Whiting asked Gerald Robinson, TSU’s tennis coach, if she could skip practice, he refused. Whiting attended anyway.
She is on an athletic scholarship and she decides to blow off her coach and her team to be a journalist. The story should end there because you just don't do that, especially if you are getting a free ride. But then it gets interesting.
In a meeting with Whiting, TSU Athletics Director Teresa Phillips backed Robinson’s decision. Phillips said athletes are excused from practices in order to attend class or for class-related functions. “Basically, [Whiting] defied her coach’s direction to be at practice,” Phillips said. “Extra-curricular academic activities are not excused. It is up to the coach to make an exception, but he clearly shared his desire for her not to travel.” Whiting pleaded her case in a column published in the March 20 edition of The Meter. She said she chose to attend the conference instead of practice because the potential benefits of doing so outweighed those of preparing for the upcoming season. Whiting only won one match in her first two years on the team. The Lady Tigers haven’t won a dual meet during Whiting’s two years. On the other hand, The Meter won a second-place award for its post-Hurricane Katrina coverage, which was spurred by Whiting, who maintains a GPA over 3.0 and aspires to attend law school. Foster referred to Whiting as “an excellent student journalist.” “Our team is not good. We basically go out there and get slaughtered,” Whiting said. “It was worth me going because I won an award and my newspaper won an award. I made the university look good.”
The female Terrell Owens of black college tennis ladies and gents. Its all about her. You have a free sports ride, not a free journalism ride. If being a journalist is that damn important, get a scholarship from the journo or some other department. The sports department can give that letter to someone who wants to be there, won't throw her coach/team under the bus and be a parasite while trying to act innocent about what she has done. Don't dismiss the Owens comparison btw.
Last summer, Robinson wrote Whiting a letter informing her that her scholarship had been reduced from full to half. Whiting said Robinson had problems with her involvement with other organizations like the newspaper, her sorority and her participation in last year’s homecoming festivities. “There were some earlier issues [regarding Whiting’s practice attendance],” Phillips said. “Being an athlete means sacrifice, sometimes in situations like this.” Whiting said her family has hired an attorney is considering taking her case to the NCAA. The total value of Whiting’s partial scholarship is $8,600 or about half the yearly cost of enrollment, housing expenses and meal plan for an out-of-state student.
Obvious she was using the team for her own purpose and this was the last straw that ticked off the coach. She has good grades and doing well in school, but as a person she has a lot to learn about commitment.


EU to set up entry exam for immigrants.

EU: Once again taking the lead is DA MAN! Sarkozy. America's entry exam is someone looking the other way.

IMMIGRANTS arriving in Europe could be forced to sit a test demonstrating their knowledge of their host country under plans unveiled yesterday by interior ministers from the European Union’s six largest members. The proposed exam, to be designed by a group of experts, is based on schemes being introduced in some European countries, but could eventually be extended to all 25 EU members. It is the latest step in the development of a common immigration policy in Europe, part of which aims to ensure that immigrants accept Western values and become integrated into the host society. The issue has gained approval after a series of terrorist attacks, amid fears that Islamic extremism is gaining a foothold in some Muslim communities. The exam would be part of a new integration contract that the ministers from Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland proposed at a two-day meeting in northern Germany. In addition to making sure that new arrivals are aware of the rights and obligations that come with moving to a new country, the contract would test their knowledge of Western values, and of the host country’s language and main institutions. It would also determine whether they had sufficient means of finance to support themselves. Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, said: “What we agreed very strongly was that the values of our societies — democracy, respect for other faiths, free speech, the rule of law, free media and so on — are values which we would expect everybody wanting to settle in these countries to respect.” Asked if immigrants who broke the contract could be deported, Mr Clarke replied: “That would be an issue that could arise.” The meeting agreed that a working group would now flesh out the elements of the potential integration contract that was first raised by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Interior Minister. It is expected to draw heavily on France’s own experience: it has operated a national welcome and integration contract since 2004 after running pilot projects the previous year.


Police to investigate Ahmed Akkari

EU: The Iman who organized the Mohammed cartoon tour to get a reaction is now going to be investigated for saying he wants to bomb an elected official.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Danish police will launch an investigation into allegations that an imam at the centre of the Prophet Mohammad cartoon row issued death threats against a moderate Muslim politician, a spokesman said on Thursday. At least 50 people have been killed in protests in Asia, Africa and the Middle East after Danish paper Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons about the Prophet last year. A French TV documentary crew secretly filmed Imam Ahmed Akkari threatening to have Naser Khader -- a founder of Denmark's Democratic Muslims network, which opposes violent protests over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad -- bombed. "It is truly shocking that an elected Danish politician can be the object of threats in this way," Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters. "I take for granted that the police will investigate what happened and will deal with it." Police spokesman Flemming Steen Munk said the inquiry would begin as soon as Akkari returned from Bahrain, where he was attending a conference that finished on Thursday. If convicted, Akkari would face a maximum of eight years in prison. Akkari, a spokesman for the Islamic Religious Community in Denmark, told Danish National TV he regretted his threat and said he "in no way" wanted to provoke an attack on Khader. "I am deeply sorry about the remark, which was meant as a joke, but was taken seriously," he said in an open letter to Khader, who lives under police protection. Syrian-born Khader, a member of parliament for the opposition Social Liberal Party, told Danish media he did not want to comment on the threat until he had seen the documentary, which was scheduled to be broadcast later in the day.


Self-Defense is a bad thing?

Crime: According to this write up.

Critics believe new legislation in Ohio, Kentucky and several other states will give people a license to kill. If passed, the victim of a home invasion robbery or car-jacking would have the right to "shoot to kill" to protect themselves. It's called the "self-defense" bill.
Well.. I am sorry if I defend myself to all the critics out there.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Russia sides with Iran. duh.

Iran: More waste of time as the Security Council of the UN meets to put on a show while everyone realized a long time Iran pimp slapped the EU3.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Russia's foreign minister on Wednesday firmly rejected a draft U.N. Security Council statement aimed at pressuring Iran to stop enriching uranium, despite a new offer of amendments by Western powers. The next step is likely to be bilateral contacts among ministers of the council's five veto-wielding permanent members, the United States, France, Britain, China and Russia, diplomats close to the talks said. The five powers' U.N. ambassadors met again on Wednesday but failed to reach agreement on a draft council statement proposed by France and Britain, participants said. Still, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in the Bahamas to meet with Caribbean community foreign ministers, said she was confident agreement would be reached on a plan for pressuring Iran into ending its enrichment activities that could produce fuel for a nuclear weapon. "Sometimes diplomacy takes a little bit of time but we're working very hard on it," Rice told reporters. "We will come up with a vehicle, I am quite certain of that." Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Beijing, "The draft includes points that effectively lay the groundwork for sanctions against Iran." "We will hardly be able to support this version of the draft," he added, according to Moscow's Interfax news agency. Lavrov said the draft text was "effectively aimed at removing the Iranian nuclear issue from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) agenda and referring it to the U.N. Security Council. It is wrong." British U.N. Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry said earlier that amendments would be offered but only if there were a chance of success. Russia, backed by China, wants to delete large sections of the draft statement the Security Council has been studying for nearly two weeks as a first reaction to Iran's nuclear research, which the West believes is a cover for bomb-making. Iran insists it wants only to produce electric power.


Snakes on a plane logo released

Entertainment: Simply Awesome. I love everything about this movie. It wouldn't hurt to have ninjas, you can't go wrong with ninjas.


Shabina Begum gets told off by the Lords.

UK: This is good stuff as the Lords as plain as they can get tells off everyone who thought this nonsense should have gotten her the right to be a pain to everyone else.

Cherie Booth, QC, for Shabina, had argued that the school's actions had deprived the girl of the right to manifest her religion under Article Nine of the Human Rights Convention. But, Lord Hoffmann said yesterday: "Article Nine does not require that one should be allowed to manifest one's religion at any time and place of one's own choosing. Common civility also has a place in the religious life." Shabina could have changed schools when she discovered that the uniform she had worn for the past two years created a problem for her. "That might not have been entirely convenient for her, particularly when her sister was remaining at Denbigh High, but people sometimes have to suffer some inconvenience for their beliefs," Lord Hoffmann said. "Instead, she and her brother decided that it was the school's problem. They sought a confrontation and claimed that she had a right to attend the school of her own choosing in the clothes she chose to wear." Lady Hale pointed out that the school had respected cultural and religious diversity by allowing girls to wear a skirt, trousers, or the shalwar kameez, with or without a headscarf. This was a "thoughtful and proportionate response", as shown by the fact that girls were worried that they would come under pressure to wear the jilbab if it had been permitted. The law lords also dismissed the second of Miss Booth's arguments - that Shabina had been denied the right to education, guaranteed by Article Two of the first protocol, or supplement, to the Human Rights Convention. "That article confers no right to go to any particular school," said Lord Hoffmann. "It is infringed only if the claimant is unable to obtain education from the system as a whole." The law lords agreed that the two-year interruption in Shabina's education was the result of "her failure to secure prompt admission to another school where her religious convictions could be accommodated".


Monday, March 20, 2006

Parents showing up to their kid's job interviews.

Culture: The only time a possible employer should talk to your parents if its a big time contract and Dad/Mom is a lawyer or a reference(unlikely) Bringing your parents to an interview should be a huge red warning flag.

In interviews with a job candidate last year, Deborah D'Attilio, a recruiting manager in San Francisco for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, was surprised when the young woman brought a companion: her dad. Saying ''he was interested in learning about the work environment,'' the father sat in the lobby during the interview, D'Attilio says. She didn't hold it against the candidate and wound up hiring the young woman. Hovering parents are going to work. From Vanguard Group and St. Paul Travelers to General Electric and Boeing, managers are getting phone calls from parents asking them to hire their 20-something kids. Candidates are stalling on job offers to consult with their parents. ''It's unbelievable to me that a parent of a 22-year-old is calling on their behalf,'' says Allison Keeton, director of college relations for St. Paul Travelers. Like most employers, Keeton handles such encounters diplomatically. Some employers, however, are also adapting by altering some parts of the hiring process, sending parents copies of offer letters or including them in recruiting sessions. General Electric made an offer to one recruit last fall, only to get a call the next day from the recruit's mother trying to negotiate an increase in pay, says Steve Canale, manager of recruiting and staffing services. GE didn't rescind the offer, but ''we didn't give in to Mom'' either, Mr. Canale says. Rich Hartnett, director of global staffing for Boeing, says one hiring manager was surprised when a recruit brought his mom right into the interview. Enterprise's D'Attilio says the mother of another recruit joined a phone call between her and a candidate and began grilling D'Attilio about benefits.

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