Thursday, January 04, 2007

Arab democracies : Accept the terrorists!

Middle East: A Hamas/Hezzo lover throws down on Guardian Comment blog.

The duplicitous nature of international involvement in the region's affairs was unashamedly evident when the Lebanese opposition groups upped the ante in the face of the western-backed Lebanese government's refusal of the opposition's original demand for a national unity government. The opposition is now demanding full-fledged legislative elections and a new election law to replace the farcical one that was drawn up in a hurry in 2003. The US, Britain and Israel have all renewed their support for the Lebanese government rejecting the oppositions' demands. When the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas (another western and Israeli favourite), called for early elections last week, Tony Blair himself was in the West Bank to support the decision despite the fact that early elections were not only unconstitutional but had come after months during which the Palestinians had been literally starved as the US and Israel imposed an embargo on all funding to the Hamas government. Most Palestinians have not been paid for months and many are facing extreme economic hardships. Why? Because the Palestinian people had elected members from a group deemed "terrorist" by western standards. In the Arab world where I live, we usually refer to both Hamas and Hizbullah as "national liberation movements". The hundreds of thousands of Lebanese sleeping out on the streets and the similar number of Palestinians starving in the West Bank epitomise the unwillingness of the west (and Israel of course), to accept democracies in the Arab world which do not result in, well, banana republics. I therefore refer you to my original suggestion to incarcerate those ungrateful Arab populaces and replace them with monkeys.
The bolded part is why you keep seeing Western governments involved in the region because if you actually elected sane rational people instead of suicide bombing terrorists. No one would care. When you do elect these types to office, the west is under no obligation to continue helping to fund the self destructive nature of that community. You do not have a God-given right to our aid money when you elect psychos to office. Elect them if you want but if they are only about violence and trying to destroy Israel and putting threats to us you get a backlash. Welcome to the real world.

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