Thursday, January 04, 2007

Creating babies with defects

Culture: In a word if parents are doing this ....Sick.

Creating made-to-order babies with genetic defects would seem to be an ethical minefield, but to some parents with disabilities — say, deafness or dwarfism — it just means making babies like them. And a recent survey of U.S. clinics that offer embryo screening suggests it’s already happening. Three percent, or 4 clinics surveyed, said they have provided the costly, complicated procedure to help families create children with a disability. Some doctors have denounced the practice; others question whether it’s true. Blogs are abuzz with the news, with armchair critics saying the phenomenon, if real, is taking the concept of designer babies way too far. “Old fear: designer babies. New fear: deformer babies,” the online magazine Slate wrote, calling it “the deliberate crippling of children.” But the survey also has led to a debate about the definition of “normal” and inspires a glimpse into deaf and dwarf cultures where many people do not consider themselves disabled.
Karen Krogstad, a 25-year-old partly deaf student in Bozeman, Mont., said she understands why parents “would go to great lengths to make sure their child will be deaf.” She and her deaf friends “see ourselves as fully functional human beings who can’t hear. People who wear glasses, are they disabled? No, but if you have hearing aids, to assist with hearing, you are labeled as disabled.”
Look, We are all born on the hope everything about us is healthy. All our senses are there and functioning at 100%. If you need a hearing or glasses for example, you are not at 100% and you have to compensate for it. To cause defects in unborn babies to be just like you is immoral and injuring the child to make you feel better about yourself as a person/parent. Its one thing to be born with a genetic defect, its another to tell a child later in life that he could have been 100% but you decided to cripple him as some sort of bonding issue.

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