Monday, January 08, 2007

Illegal parents gets $25000 saving bonds from ToysrUs.

Politics: Here is the gist of the story.

New Yorkers and Asian-American leaders had reacted with outrage to the retailer's decision to disqualify the Manhattan baby from its 2007 first baby contest. "How does a company like Toys 'R' Us stick it to a baby on the first day of her life?" asked City Councilman John Liu (D-Queens). Yuki was born at the stroke of midnight at NYU Downtown Hospital - and at that moment she became an American citizen regardless of her Chinese parents' immigration status. Toys "R" Us had promised a $25,000 savings bond to the first "American" baby of 2007. Yuki beat out two other midnight tots in a drawing. But the contest's small print revealed the sweepstakes was open only to mothers who were "legal residents" so the prize was yanked - until Toys "R" Us caved to the criticism.
Until that point Toys R Us gave the prize to another baby that fit the rules, the grandmother was getting angry at the thought the prize would be taken away to give to illegal aliens.
But comments by Ms. Keller, the grandmother of the winning baby, hinted at the wrath that the company risked from the other side at a time when the most stringent critics of illegal immigration have called for an end to birthright citizenship, saying the children born to illegal immigrants are “anchor babies” who encourage illegal entry. “If she’s an illegal alien, that makes the baby illegal,” said Ms. Keller, 50. Told otherwise, she remarked, “Sounds like a double standard to me,” adding, “She was disqualified — that should be it. Don’t go changing your mind now.”
But in the end, they gave three babies the prize breaking their own rules and allow arrogance statements like this.
Yuki’s parents — Han Lin and Yan Zhu Liu, both 22-year-old restaurant workers — declined to be interviewed. But Albert H. Wang, a corporate lawyer who had mounted an e-mail campaign on the couple’s behalf, said that they were happy, adding, “I think justice has been done.” Some people were concerned that the parents’ status had been exposed, he said. “But the safest place is actually the eye of the storm,” Mr. Wang said, “and any politician who says we should deport the parents, it would be the end of their political career.”
In the end Toys R Us has no spine and the continued buckling of common sense and following rules of even a baby contest are subject to idiocy like this.

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