Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keith Ellison named to the Judiciary Committee.

Politics: Here we go, lets give Ellison a nice seat on the committee where he can wreck some havoc on terrorism laws.

WASHINGTON - Rep. Keith Ellison has been named to the House Judiciary Committee, a panel that has oversight over issues such as civil liberties, immigration and courts.
In a prepared statement Wednesday, Ellison, D-Minn., called the selection an honor and privilege.
"I look forward to pursuing a progressive agenda in the committee, including the restoration of American citizen's civil liberties that have come under increasing attack over the past six years," said Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress.
Ellison, a freshman lawmaker, said this week he'd like to see a ban on racial profiling, an issue that could come up in the Judiciary Committee.
Also Wednesday, GOP leadership named freshman Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann to the House Financial

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