Friday, January 05, 2007

Keith Ellison sends a warning to President Bush.

Politics: There is a certain amount of arrogance that comes from him that is amusing.

Kessler: Do you support the impeachment of the president because of this? Ellison: Well, Pat, let me tell you this. I certainly think that the facts are available. I think that it's certainly justifiable. I certainly think that there is ample reason to do so. But the leadership, the speaker has said, that it is not what she wants to do ... and I'm going to follow her leadership on this. But I do think that if the president is obstructionist, this question of what to do about impeachment should at least come up as an important discussion item.
What are these "facts" and is that a suggestion that if President Bush doesn't buckle to his far left demands that he would try to scare him with impeachment?

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