Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Minneapolis-St. Paul airport refuses Muslim prayer room.

Politics: This is a curious reaction by some Somali leaders/groups because of the flying imans want to have a Muslim only prayer room.

Somali immigrants passing through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport want a private place to say Muslim prayers. The airport suggests they share a room with people of other religions. Like a new couple learning to dance, immigrants and their adopted countries often trip each other up, and the prayer-room issue is just one of the latest tangles between Somali immigrants and other Minnesotans. "Where you have Christians and Muslims praying at the same time, it will create a problem," said Fuad Ali, a Somali leader who spoke at a meeting of community members and airport officials Tuesday in Minneapolis.
Emily Gurnon wants to finesse this nonsense, but this is not a dance, this is a clear attempt to use the flying imans to demand special privileges. Also what problems would occur with Christians and Muslims praying at the same time? Emily never attempted to get an answer to this statement.
Somalis assembled at Tuesday's meeting at the Darul Quba Mosque in Minneapolis also wanted to know whether the airport would provide announcements and signs in Somali. Probably not, officials said. "The challenge is not inundating the air with messages people might start to ignore," said Arlie Johnson, an assistant airport director. At least the issue of the prayer room was met with some accommodation, said Abdirahman Hirsi, imam of the Darul Quba Mosque. "It's a kind of progress," he said. "And we hope the future will be better."
I give you diversity/multiculturalism all in one. The host country has to bend to demands of the immigrants who use our own willingness to tolerate to the breaking point.

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